The Fleet

We have bikes for all ages and sizes to enjoy! Here are just a few

CRF 50

What is there to say about the CRF 50 that hasn’t already been said? The most sold dirt bike of all time, everybody has ridden a CRF 50 at some point. If you haven’t, you wish you did. You don’t have to wish any more, this puppy is available to rent. A 3 speed semi automatic transmission, and a throttle stop makes this the best bike to learn on. There has never been a more reliable bike or a safer way to give a child the opportunity to ride a dirt bike. Rent this and you will not be disappointed. It is impossible for a child to step off this bike without having an ear to ear grin.

CRF 70

This bike is a blast for kids roughly 7-13 to ride. A 3 speed semi automatic transmission means this is as easy to ride as it gets. Shift in into gear, no clutch, lets go ride. Learn in the beginner area, and move your way up to the track and trails on this bad boy.

CRF 80

A great bike for teenagers and adults. The CRF 80 has probably taught more people to use the clutch than any other bike on the planet. Follow the kids, learn to use the clutch, or race around the track on this great bike. This bike comes equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission and is easy to ride, providing endless fun for all ages.

KLX 140

The KLX 140 makes riding learning to ride both easy, and fun. The no hassle electric start system makes getting going a breeze.

KLX 230. Lean mean green machine. This bike is great for adults of all skill levels. Lightweight, nimble, and an absolute blast to ride. Learn how to use the clutch on a fun, yet forgiving bike that is comfortable while following kids, or blasting through the trails. This bike does it all.

XR 200. Kick start and a lot of fun in the trails! Taller and faster than the KLX 230, this bike can handle whatever you throw at it. This bike is forgiving yet capable of any trail you want to take it on, and will make it up any hill (with the right rider). Guaranteed ear to ear grin from the time you leave the parking lot until the time you come back.

KLX 300. The king of the trails. This bike is electric start, and is only for advanced riders. Enjoy ripping through the gears on the trails with a bike that inspires confidence in anybody who throws a leg over it. It would be hard to find anything to complain about after a day riding this.